Management Strategy
Global Search Engine
SymBio's Business Expansion

The Global Search Engine, powered by SymBio’s unique worldwide network, resulted in the selection of SyB L-0501 in December 2005, SyB L-1101/SyB C-1101 in July 2011.
SymBio continuously tries to in-license new drug candidates. Moreover, SymBio remains focused on the formulation and implementation of strategies that are in line with its goal of overseas business expansion, with the Asia Pacific Rim remaining key to future product launches.

Global Search Engine

Tapping a diverse network of European and US bio-ventures, promising new drug candidates are selected using SymBio's unique search engine: utilizing their wealth of experience at the forefront of research and development, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) renders its decisions to create a pipeline portfolio of distinct value-added new drug candidates in an advanced stage of clinical development, a pipeline geared toward rapid marketing approval.